Flexible pricing to suit your needs

Websites come in all shapes and sizes ... and with a range of different bells and whistles. So we need some information about your requirements and ideas before we can give you an cost estimate.

If you have a brief that outlines your website requirements please email it to us at info@mosaicstudios.com.au and provide your name and company details – if we have any questions we'll be back in touch straight away.

Otherwise, please complete the Quote form on this page. Please take the time to provide as much detail as possible so we can provide a meaningful quote for your project.

Below is a guide to our pricing.


Small, simple website (approx 5 pages)
– simple portfolio, blog, company or personal website – from $500
Example 1  /  Example 2

Medium-sized website (approx 5 – 15 pages)
– more bells and whistles like integrated social media, subscription forms, MailChimp mailing lists and e-mail newsletter – from $1,000

Medium to large website (approx 10+ pages, up to 20 products)
– includes online shop with products and setting up Stripe payment gateway – from $1,500

Large website (approx 20+ pages, 20+ products)
– more sophisticated website with more features – from $2,000

Included with each option:
• your domain name redelegation
• optimising the graphics and images that you provide
• SEO – description, key terms
• inclusion of videos, audio, documents


Design of simple, typographic logos – from $250

Logo design with graphic element – from $500

More sophisticated logo design and brand identity – from $1,000

Other graphics / icons / sourcing stock photographs – from $250
– ie. free shipping, quality guaranteed

Product photography
– for those clients who need their products photographed. Send an email to info@mosaicstudios.com.au with information about your requirements.

A quote can be provided for other design projects like brochures, annual reports, newsletters and other publications. Send an email to info@mosaicstudios.com.au with a brief of your requirements.


Assistance maintaining the content of your website
– perfect for very busy clients or those with limited web experience
– from $240 (annual subscription)

Development of a company-specific website user manual
– perfect for clients with different users or those with limited web experience – from $250

Setting up or moving email accounts
– depends on your requirements. Send an email to info@mosaicstudios.com.au with information about your requirements.

The prices listed above do not include the Squarespace subscription cost. Prices are a guide only and do not include GST.



Existing website or new website *
Please provide a description of the purpose of the website – business or personal – portfolio, blog, company profile, online shop?
This is a guide only, just to give us an idea of size and amount of work involved
Do you have a logo and corporate identity, or do you need assistance creating a logo and graphics?
What assets do you have that can be used on your website, or do you need assistance sourcing photographs and other material?
Would you like to collect subscribers or members and send out regular email newsletters?
Do you use social media and would like to connect your accounts to your website, or do you need help setting up social media to improve your online presence?
Once the website is completed and live, will you manage the content of your website or do you need ongoing assistance with updating content?
Ideally, when would you like your website to be completed?
If you have specific requirements about how much you would like us to do, and what you would like to do yourself, let us know.

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