How we can help with your Squarespace site

So ... if Squarespace is so easy to use, why do you need our help?

Good question. And if you have a good understanding of how websites work and some design skills you can create your own Squarespace website.

We're here to help create a great Squarespace website – that works well, that looks great and that communicates effectively to your customers. And we can save you time (and let's face it, your time is valuable)!

Here's some of the ways we can help.

Choosing the Squarespace template with the features you want

Squarespace has a fantastic range of templates to suit most requirements. Whether you want to create a site for a business, want a portfolio or a blog, or you want to sell a product or service using a commerce site, Squarespace has lots of options.

Most Squarespace features are available to be used in each template – however some templates have features that are unique to that template. With some research you can work out which template provides the options that you need.

We're familiar with all of the Squarespace templates and the features that each offers. More importantly, we know how to include all of the types of content that you want to include, and the best way to include that content. Our experience using Squarespace means we know how to include images, videos and audio, and create all types of sites quickly and cost effectively.

Read more on our Why we love Squarespace page.

Using any software for the first time can be a challenge

Do you remember the first time you used Microsoft Word or Powerpoint (or some other software you now use regularly)? It was challenging until you learnt where all of the tools were and how to use the software efficiently.

Using Squarespace for the first time is the same. There's a lot to learn. Like how to use the different types of content blocks, when to use a gallery page instead of a gallery block, what is the best way to use categories and tags, how to connect your social media accounts, and much more. Squarespace has lots of options and features – getting used to using them takes time and experience.

We can help you create your website – and then hand it over to you to manage the content. Making changes to text and other content is very simple and intuitive. And we're always here if you need some extra help along the way.

We’re a Squarespace Circle Member

Because we're an accredited Circle Member we can provide you 6 months to develop your website – with no subscription cost. If you build your own Squarespace site then you will have a two week free period to build your site.

Customising the templates

As we have been creating websites since 2003, we have the technical skills to customise each template using CSS (this is short for Cascading Style Sheets). CSS can be used to finetune and tailor how information appears on each page. We are a Squarespace Circle Member (an accredited user of Squarespace) and we have experience customising templates to suit our clients needs.

Our website has been customised using CSS. The site uses the Avenue Commerce template – as this template has some features that we wanted – and we have used CSS to hide things like $ prices and Buy now buttons that are normally on the product pages (the Website and Graphic Design pages).

Creating logos and graphics, optimising images, fine-tuning your messages

We can help with the creation or optimising of all of your assets – logos, graphics, images, videos and audio – so they are ready for inclusion on your website.

And if you need help with the development of a logo – we can help you with that too. We have been helping our clients with graphic design projects since 1993 (check out some of our projects on our Graphic Design page).

We can help fine-tune your key messages and your website text. We can make sure it is well-written, reads well and communicates clearly.

Communicate effectively with your customers

We start the process of developing a website by learning about you and your business – and what makes you or your business unique or different.

We want to have a clear understanding of your brand, your business (the product or services that you offer) and your goals for your website. And what assets (logos, images, videos, etc) do you already have, or what will need to be created.

This knowledge forms the building blocks for developing a great website that communicates effectively to your customers.

We're based in Melbourne and help customers Australia-wide

Squarespace has an award-winning Customer Care team based in New York that provides assistance 24 hours, 7 days a week. We're located just outside Melbourne in Albert Park and can provide personalised assistance during normal work hours – and also in cases of emergency – after hours and on weekends.