Great Squarespace websites and terrific design


Mosaic Studios is a Squarespace website designer and developer, and graphic design studio based in Melbourne, that helps companies Australia-wide create great websites.

We know Squarespace like the back of our hand

We've been designing websites since 2003, and started building sites on the Squarespace platform back in 2010. We now use Squarespace exclusively as it provides the best range of modern templates and the easiest to use content management system available in the world.

We're an independent web developer – we do not receive any incentives or commissions to use Squarespace. We just use it, and recommend it, because we think it's the best online platform. For more information about Squarespace visit Why we love Squarespace

Whether you need assistance setting up a new website, or just can't work out how to add a new feature to your existing Squarespace website, we can help – because we know every nook and cranny of their platform. Mosaic Studios is an accredited Squarespace designer and Squarespace Circle Member. Visit How we can help with your Squarespace site for more information.

A gallery of some of the websites we have developed can be viewed on our Websites page.

It’s all about communication

We have a passion for effective communication. Listening to and engaging with our clients allows us to fully understand their requirements. Our Melbourne-based team will work with you to ensure that your website delivers the results that you require. Whether you are looking to get a smaller website off the ground, or need assistance to make your commerce or catalogue website function properly, then Mosaic Studios is here to help.

And if you need assistance with other design projects we have years of experience. We've been assisting clients with their graphic design projects since 1993 – view some of our projects on the Graphic Design page. For more information about our full range of services visit our Services page.

Give us a call on (03) 9682 3777 or request more information using our quote page or our contact us page.